Quicken says post reverse split the shares have been removed, but they show up as a debit.

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Not only do they show as a debit, but every one of the pre-reverse shares is priced at the post-reverse price. So what is going on and what can I do about it?


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    Your question / title is not clear.  A reverse split should be entered (posted) in the same fashion as a regular split - a Stock Split transaction = StkSplt.  Example: New Shares = 1; Old Shares = 5 for a reverse 5 becomes 1 split.

    Perhaps your financial institution downloaded Remove Shares, in which case, you should delete that transaction and manually enter a StkSplt transaction.

    You may need to edit the prices around the date of the split to get the right presentation.  Quicken's price download sources might provide data out of sync with the actual transaction.   
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