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I've been using Quicken literally since the early 90s.

I'm now at the point of dumping it ... so frustrated.

I download transactions from USAA on basically a daily basis. At least once a week there is some transaction that just doesn't download.

Today it was a purchase from Lowes. USAA has cleared the transaction (i.e. it's not 'pending') but it doesn't download and there is no error message.

Transactions 'ahead and behind' this Lowes transaction download just fine.

I use Quicken so that I don't have to 'reconcile' with the bank (USAA). For the past year it's been nothing but a mess.

I'm not leaving by bank ... so, Quicken PLESASE find a means to fix this issue.


  • Ben
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    I haven't run into that issue... mine is constantly downloading duplicate transactions. Which when I look at the data, USAA is actually sending a different Transaction ID for the same transactions. It's a problem with USAA...
  • MB08
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    Thanks. I spoke with Quicken and they said it was a USAA issue with Direct Connect.
  • MB08
    MB08 Member
    Switched from Direct Connect to Express Web Connect ... worked. Fingers crossed that this fixes the problem
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