Starting off new year for a beginner

jimredsox Member ✭✭
Hello. Been using Quicken for all of 2021. Id like to expand my knowledge (with the least effort possible) to get more out of the platform.

Best way to learn (quickly)
Impossible task: you have to learn bit by bit deal with it.
Online support?

What I know how to do well:
I manage my expenses well. I have an Amex i use regularly (airline points) that I pay off monthly. I have two checking accounts and a savings account. This gives me a good idea of how i do overall monthly and can print reports each month.

What I am not good at...
Seems like every budget I create ends up becoming an average spends of each category. I don't know how to add categories that stick. Ive tried doing an annual budget and a month.... neither work for me.

What I haven't even started to do yet.
Look at my Net or manage cash flow. My checking accounts are all off in Quicken compared to actuals.
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