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I have just suffered a file corruption that caused account names, fields in renaming rules, payee names, downloaded payee names to be displayed as NA. It did not affect all accounts, rules or register entries, just a selection of them. It seemed to occur when I accepted the invitation to backup the file on exit.

This was after spending a couple of hours laboriously manually reconciling line by line and downloading missing transactions that One Step Update had omitted.

The backup reported that it could not read the file and when next opened the corruption was evident in the register although Quicken did not report any problems opening or updating the file.

The file was on dropbox so I guess support is going to blame that. What's the story here is it likely that my file has hidden corruptions that I've not previously noticed? It has always been on dropbox as a local, i.e. mirrored file, but for single user access only.

Fortunately, because it was on dropbox, I have a version history that allows me to restore to a version immediately prior to the corruption, and I found it before doing a lot more work.

What's the story with this?
- Is my Quicken file safe to host on NAS.
- Are there plans to fix this problem?
- Or ensure that Quicken detects the problem and prevents corruption?
- Are there any cloud sync/backup solutions that are OK?

What about the transactions missed by One Step Update, is that a common problem? Does anyone know a work around or a way to recover?

Quicken is starting to look a bit too flakey to use.


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    Your active Quicken data file should reside on your local hard drive.  Having the active data file on a cloud based drive such as Dropbox or OneDrive can eventually result in corruption.  As you've painfully discovered now. 

    Using a cloud based drive as a repository for your backup data file is just fine and is encouraged.  
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