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Very long Quicken Deluxe user but not able to download any transaction from my 10 Charles Shwab accounts for some time. In fact, I canceled my subscription after they said no to a prorate on my annual fee. Not our problem they said. It's all fixed they said. NOT. So, I signed up for their 3-month trail using Quicken Simplify and it downloads all my transactions form CS. So, what's the deal? One works one does. Does anyone have any idea.? Thanks.


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    Well, since you cancelled your Quicken subscription, I guess a few things I would have tried aren't applicable now.

    The first thing I would have done is started a brand new data file and then connected your Schwab accounts for downloads and see if that worked.

    If yes, then I would have disconnected ALL my Schwab accounts in my active file and re-connected them for downloads.

    Plus, there are very specific instructions in this community for getting Schwab to download transactions with their new security measures that they have instituted.  Searching for them at the top of this Community page would have probably generated a fix for you.

    But all that's moot, I guess.  Good luck with SimpliFi. 
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