R37.67 boofed my Investment Accounts

:s The good news is that R37.67 is the first release that has allowed me to download from Schwab (my 4 accounts have been inaccessible since early November). The BAD news is that all of my other investment accounts are now bricked! Come on Quicken!!!!


  • UKR
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    :s The good news is that R37.67 ...
    May I ask where you got this Release 37.67 software update from? The latest production release is R 36.57, released yesterday, 12/23/21.
    AFAIK, all R 37.xx releases were put on hold due to the Schwab problems, fixes for which were released in R 36.xx only. It's my understanding that R 37 will be rebuilt and re-released at a later time, once all the Schwab dust has settled.

  • TahoeChuck
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    Apologies, it was the .57 release. This release supposed to (finally) address the slew of Schwab issues.
  • dryfork
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    Whoa - quicken tells me to use a "mondo patch" to upgrade to 37.37 on Dec 7. I do, and now they are telling me it is not valid. [Removed - Profanity]
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