Truist Quicken Connection

Currently apparently Quicken is unable to connect to Truist Bank for downloads/updating of Truist accounts and investments held by Truist and shown in Quicken. When might that be available? Thank you.


  • Dick G
    Dick G Member
    Interestingly, connecting with Truist downloads my loan against a line of credit on the banking side but will not download the stocks in the brokerage account. Any thoughts?
  • moski
    moski Member ✭✭✭
    I am also unable to connect to Truist accounts, even though when I do a Reconnect it seems to log into the system fine and see the accounts.  For some reason they just don't send data. The Dick G, while Truist may be able to get you the investment account info, that has always (and still does) come from NFS, or Wealthscape.  You should be able to connect into that system to get the investment data.
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