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I'm still trying to get used to using the new Quicken on a Mac and I've come across another problem. With my old Quicken when I reconciled my account there would be a column with a check mark. On this one I don't see a column for a check mark. After reading the help info. I found this " go to Quicken > Accounts > Reconcile Account to see cleared
(clr) entries. My question is how to find this string. When I click open Quicken I don't see
accounts under the Quicken menu and if I click on the Accounts menu the Reconcile Account is dimmed out.


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    Reconcile Account is probably grayed out because you don't have a single account selected in the sidebar. Instead, you may have selected an account group (eg. Banking, Investment, etc.). If you are not seeing your individual accounts in the sidebar, click the three dot icon (...) at the top of the sidebar, then Expand All Sidebar Groups.

    That said, you can and should display the Clr column in your register even without opening the reconcile window. This will show you a blue checkmark for cleared transactions and a green checkmark for reconciled transactions. If you don't see the Clr column, click menu View > Columns and make sure the checkbox next to "Clr" is checked.

    (This is for current QMac Subscription. It may be slightly different for prior versions.)
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