How to make old Quicken file read-only?

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I was maintaining an old Quicken file for many years; then started new one, which is now current. I still keep the old file in order to look for the old transactions every now and then. The problem is, whenever I open the old file, Quicken enters bill reminders into the registry. I would prefer to make the file "read-only", i.e. being able to look at the old transactions, but never do any changes to anything. How to achieve it? I tried to mark the file itself as read-only, but Quicken refused to open it.


  • Quicken Jade
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    Hi @vadimrapp, unfortunately, there is no official "read-only" setting in Quicken. However, there are some things you can do to achieve this. You can either delete bill reminders or turn off their automatic entry. Additionally, I'd recommend deactivating any accounts if they're still set up for download. I'm sorry for any inconvenience but I hope this helps!
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    Another thing that you can do to prevent unintended changes in your old Quicken file is to set a Transaction Password. This will prevent changes, but you may have to work your way thru cancelling several transaction password prompts during Startup, until you have eliminated all active reminders.

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