Capital Gains not reflected in the Portfolio "Gain/Loss"

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Starting with a new file, I created a brokerage account that is not linked or synced with a brokerage, instead I manually entered transactions: 1) Deposit an opening balance; 2) purchased a mutual fund (FBAX in this case); 3) record a "Reinvest Long-term Capital Gain.

The Gain is not reflected in the Portfolio "Gain/Loss", the Capital Gain has no affect on the "Gain/Loss". This is incorrect as this doesn't match what the online brokerage account shows.

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    Quicken defines Gain as Market Value minus Cost Basis. Capital gain distributions do not figure into this computation. You will want to look at the various "Return" statistics instead.

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    Thanks for your input. With the help of Quicken support, Richard, the problem is with the recording of Long/Short term capital gains. The transaction should not have a distribution amount. This error is between Quicken and in my case Fidelity. Between the two of them the transaction is recorded incorrectly. After correcting these transactions, setting the distribution amount to zero, Portfolio Value:Gain/Loss matches the Fidelity:Total Gain/Loss.
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