can't connect to my Merrill Lynch investment account.

SFMichael Member ✭✭
For the past 2 days, I have been unable to connect to my Merrill Lynch investment account. I receive an error message that says Quicken is unable to connect to the server. I have reset the account login settings and I have contacted both Merrill and Quicken support with no solution other than wait and see if the problem resolves itself. Is anyone else experiencing this issue, or does anyone have advice as to how I should proceed. Thanks


  • Hello @SFMichael,

    Thank you for coming to the Community with your questions and concerns, though I apologize that you are experiencing this. 

    Can I have you open a new (test)file, so we can see if you get the same error there? Here is a Knowledge Base article that will tell you how to open a new file.

    Once the file is open try adding the Merrill accounts and let us know how this goes, Thanks!

    Quicken Alyssa

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