Is anyone else unable to download E*TRADE transactions/price history today? (12/27)

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I had no problem on Thursday (Dec. 23). Downloads from MerrillEdge are working fine. But not from E*TRADE. I've had problems before when someone (Quicken? E*TRADE?) fails to adjust some parameter for the holiday closure. Don't know if that is the issue today (i.e., failure to adjust for Friday's market closure), or something else. Anyway, if you are having the same problem, or if you ARE able to download from E*TRADE today (Dec. 27), please let me know. Thanks in advance!


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    plastable Member ✭✭
    OK, I found the problem, and it is as I suspected. Quicken downloaded today's (12/27) prices for E*TRADE holdings into last Friday (12/24). If I look at my Investments in Quicken and select 12/27 as the date, it shows today's price updates only for my MerrillEdge accounts. If I changed the date to 12/24, it shows today's (12/27) price updates for my E*TRADE accounts (but not MerrillEdge). It's as if Quicken is confused, but it isn't a global problem because there's a difference between E*TRADE and MerrillEdge, so I still don't know with whom the problem actually lies. But now Quicken shows price movement in my E*TRADE holdings on 12/24, when the market was closed, and no changes today. Irritating!
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