Continued problems with Schwab and CapitalOne after several weeks [Edited]

I have reported problems with reauthorization with CapOne for almost two months now. I get success notices from both Quicken and CapOne, but the problem persists with every Update.

I didn't have any problem with Schwab until AFTER the alleged fix ... now I get "Fix it" messages every update despite getting success notices when I follow the instructions.

I'm about to be charged for another year of a software that has not been functional for for almost two months. When will this be fixed?:


  • marlae007.
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    1. Schwab bond prices are not stil not loading in R36.57 - it seems to be intermittently, sometimes it works, other times it doesn't.

    2. No month end download of dividends and capital gains - all of this have to be keyed in manually and will take days to enter due to year end.

    Nobody should be charged one cent unless the software is fully functionally !!
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