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I have a repeating payment to BofA and on my bank's site I changed the bank account the payment will come from. When I look at the Quicken calendar for future payments, it shows them paying from my old checking account. In edit, I am not able to change that. Actually I'm not able to change anything in the edit screen in Quicken for these payments. Also, the Dec. payment has been paid, the Jan. payment is scheduled (from the new acct) on the bank's site, but it does not show up on my Jan. Quicken calendar. Feb shows up on my Quicken calendar but it's showing the payment from the old bank account. Can you help with this? Thank you.


  • Quicken Jade
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    Hello @szerkie444, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. I'd recommend trying to delete the recurring payment and creating a new one. Please let me know if this helps!
    -Quicken Jade
  • Thanks for getting back to me Jade. I found a method to delete the old reoccurring payment from Bill and Income Reminders so it doesn't show up on my Calendar now. Mission accomplished. So next I went on the Bank's website and set a new BofA payment up using the new bank account. First payment is 01/15/22. It's scheduled for payment on the Bank's website. I did the Download-Update Transactions in the new check register and it did not bring the new BofA payment down, either to the register or Bill and Income Reminders. Is there a step I'm missing, or will it do that when the payment is made from the bank on 01/15/22? Thanks for your help. Steve
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