Missing Transactions?

regracia Member ✭✭
Just a few minutes Quicken support told me to manually enter Bank Transactions that this is the way works for ALL customers. So why using Quicken why pay the membership.

This happens to all my Bank accounts one of them is PNC
ON PNC all my schedule payments done directly on the PNC web site are NOT downloaded on my PNC register only after they ARE MADE.
ALL my PNC schedule payments done directly on their web side (Pending payments) are not downloaded to my Back register the connection is Express Web Connect.
I have to go directly to my Bank to execute payments why? because the make payments via Quicken have been so flaky that I was missing payments directly to PNC so GO directly to PNC.
Now support is telling me that any entry directly made on the web Bank will not be downloaded to my register only after payments are made.

[Removed - Profanity] I do the same with Chase and all the Schedule Transactions other the ones done to CC Chase Sapphire are downloaded which is also a problem only get downloaded ones they are payed.

So anyone with this issue? So why pay subscription then?
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