why can't i close account?

leonard kearney
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this is a schwab 401k, last transactions were in 2019 when we moved everything out of account . No holdings, zero balance. when i try to close it sasy i have transaactions waiting to process. I did a download from Schwab retirement services (including re-log on and new process) - no transactions came through. Now the cursor is on the date filed of the new transaction line and it says enter a valid date - but it wont take any date. still cannot close account -same message- transactions waiting to process. How do i fix?


  • leonard kearney
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    i found an outstanding transaction in the online center. the transaction was already posted and reconciled. I was not able to change the reconciliation code but i was able to delete the transaction in the online center. I was able to close the account.

    I am puzzled as the holding show no holdings but i have a -73.81 security value
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    I'd check again to see if there are some fractional shares still left in the account.  Quicken will sometimes round fractional shares to zero.

    The best way to resolve these are to make your final SELL transactions as Sell All Shares, rather than input an actual amount.  This way, Quicken will calculate the remaining shares in the Portfolio and get you to zero.  

  • good idea - thanks.
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