Wants to add another credit card account from Citi which is already in my list

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Quicken (6.4.5) wants to add 'credit card' when I select 'update all online accounts'. The thing is, I already have this credit card account setup and have done for years. It's a Citibank CC. If I elect to add it, then I'm prompted to add 'credit card 2'. I've tried selecting 'ignore' to no avail, tried 'add' then later delete, tried 'add' then later close--all these things haven't worked. The next time I try to update online accounts I receive the same prompt. This has just started in the past 10 days or so.

Any ideas?


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    Another thing you could try would be to go ahead and add it. Then disconnect the existing account. If this remains stable, then drag and drop all the transactions from the existing account to the newly created account in the sidebar to consolidate all the transactions back into the one account.

    But let me ask: are you connecting to Citi with Quicken Connect? If so, I strongly suggest you change it to Direct Connect using bank name "Citi Cards". This is free with Citi (for credit cards) and has several advantages over QC.
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