Correct Prior Year Investment Transactions

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When I try to correct quicken to match Schwab prior investment transactions, Quicken freezes and gives error message, "Quicken Not Responding." What is the problem?


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    Hi @ed.ander55

    If you can give us some additional information, it will help us to help you.

    Which versions of both Quicken and Windows are you running?  Did this behavior just recently start or have you had this issue before?

    Does the "freeze" problem only surface when you enter prior year transactions and not when you enter current ones?  Does this happen only in one Quicken account or more than one?  Only in Investment type accounts - if not which other types?

    Have you tried any fixes yet?  If not, I suggest that you start by doing a file validation and then a supervalidation.  Here are instructions for those LINK, but make sure you backup your datafile before doing anything.

    Get back to us and we'll go from there.


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  • ed.ander55
    1. Ver the latest one, R37.62 ; Windows 10; just discovered the errors within last two months.
    2. Freezes only doing prior year. I only had problem with Schwab investment accounts .
    3. Yes, hours on tele con with Quicken experts, ugh! No fixes and Validate only F__ked up my data. Took hours to again be able to set up One-Step-Update of banking account downloads. Will not do that again.
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