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Mike Q
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Many times the auto-match feature in Quicken does a poor job of matching downloaded transactions with the actual transaction.

I significant problem I frequently encounter is that credit card payments from my checking account don't match the downloaded payment from the credit card company. Then it looks like I paid twice (and owe less) until I catch that a payment was recorded twice. The paid date and amount are identical, but Quicken can't match them.

There are other random transactions that also don't match properly. I finally added the "Statement Payee" column to my register. That helped make it much more obvious when Quicken was incorrectly matching things. I wish it could do a better job.


  • RickO
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    Don't delete one. Instead, drag and drop the downloaded transaction on top of the manual one (or vice versa). This will manually match them and Quicken will learn from this.

    The only time you should get matches to the wrong manual transaction is when you have two manual transactions that are exactly the same amount in the same general timeframe. If this happens, right click on the matched transaction and select "Reject Auto Transaction Match". Then drag and drop as above to teach Quicken the correct match. 
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  • Mike Q
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    Thanks @RickO. I had no idea about the drag and drop behavior. I was looking for some kind of match option on the menus somewhere. I'll give it a try.
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