Schwab and others institutions: Transactions not downloading

Ever since I was instructed to reauthorize my Schwab accounts (mid Nov) I've been unable to download transactions. Every time I run an online update I see the same "Your data is being synced to our improved cloud service. This is a one time process that may take several minutes." I've seen this "one time process" literally hundreds of times now and have not been able to download any transactions for 6+ weeks.

Running Windows 11 with the latest Quicken Premier patch R37.65.

As a test, :( I created a new Quicken file and sync'ed to Schwab, it does download transactions back to October. I don't want to have to start over with a new file to make this work.

Why will my existing file not download transactions? This is occurring with Schwab, and several credit cards.

I'm really close to calling it done with a product I've used for almost 30 years.


  • Patrick O'Meara
    Having similar issues with Schwab and First Bank. Running Windows 10 HOme ver R37.65 Build 27.137.65. Please advise.
  • JLC-User
    JLC-User Member
    Amazingly I got this working, not sure why but this sequence did the trick.

    Tools->Online Center
    Click Options in the upper left, the Web Connect preferences
    Select Mobile & Web
    Troubleshooting click Reset your cloud data
    Select No, just reset my cloud data

    I then ran an update for Schwab and all of my Schwab accounts downloaded transactions.

    Good luck
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