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Trying to upload a QFX file from my Chase account to transfer all of my transactions. Every-time I try it it says transferred but new transactions haven't showed up. Tried restarting and pressing the sync button and nothing happens. How do I get the file transferred in?


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    If it seemed to be successful at bringing in the transactions, it's possible they went into a new account. Click the three dot icon at the top of the sidebar and select "Expand All Sidebar Groups". See if there's a new account you didn't create. If so, you can drag all the transactions from this account to the "real" account in the sidebar, then delete the new account.

    If that isn't what happened, can you post some screenshots here of what you see at each step of the import process?
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  • Just tried that and still nothing. Attached below are the steps I have been doing.
    1. Drop down menu "File" then "Import" then "Bank or Brokerage File".
    2. Go into my downloads selecting the QFX file I downloaded from Chase Bank.
    3. See a progress bar saying "Importing transactions". Goes away and nothing happens.
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    I just tried this myself with my Chase credit card and get the same result. My account is already connected with Direct Connect. This might be expected behavior when an account is already connected by other than Web Connect.

    You could try this (make a backup first). Go to the account settings (menu Accounts > Settings). Click the Downloads tab then Change Connection Type. Change it to Web Connect. (Hint: you have to click the OPTIONS button even though it appears to be grayed out.) Try the import again. If it works, then change it back to Direct or Quicken Connect.

    Note: Direct Connect is preferred as long as the bank doesn't charge for it (which Chase does not for credit card accounts at least).
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  • Followed your steps which were all very helpful, thank you. However, the screenshot below show that I updated successfully but 0 transactions were downloaded. Seems to be an issue with Chase at this point. I will try and contact them to see if its something they can fix. Let me know if you have any other ideas.
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    Happy New Year everyone.

    I am having difficulty importing bank transactions. I select the file as always and the screen says 260 transaction imported, but nothing changes in the account.
    - I have opened the qfx file in "notes" and see the proper account that matches the numbers I see in the account settings page.
    - I created a new quicken file and the import creates a new account and imports the information correctly.
    - The problem is with "Cash" accounts. "Credit Card" accounts seem to work fine.

    Not sure where to go from here, thank you in advance for help.
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    Happy New Year.

    When a QFX import (or direct-from-bank download) fails to produce new transactions in the register, the likely cause is that there are no NEW transactions. Any transactions in the source are already in the register. Quicken works hard to prevent duplicate transactions during this process. A key part of duplication detection is the data item called FITID. This unique data value is attached to each transaction in the QFX file, and is also present in Quicken in the register column FITID.

    But there is another possibility. If a QFX file with transactions had been imported into the Quicken account, and then some of those transactions were deleted, Quicken will not import those deleted transactions a second time. Quicken detects duplicates of previously deleted transactions by storing the FITID of the deleted transactions. Quicken considers those deleted transactions as having been already imported and will treat them like any other duplicates. 

    If in fact you have deleted some transactions that you would like to re-import from the QFX, you can proceed as follows:
    1. Make a backup of your Quicken data file - just in case something goes wrong.
    2. Disconnect the existing Quicken account from downloading.
    3. Now create a new account and import the QFX file into that account. This should import all transactions just like it did when you tried a new Quicken data file.
    4. Finally merge the two accounts: Select, drag and drop older transactions from the old account to the name of the new account in the sidebar. You may want to delete some of the transactions in the new account first so you can just drag all the older transactions over and not have duplicates.
    5. Delete the old account when you are satisfied with the results.
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    You may be better off calling Quicken Support. They can screenshare with you and maybe get a better idea what's going on.

    One question though: are you sure that these transactions have never already been downloaded into the account (even if they were since deleted)?

    One more thing you can try: create a new Quicken file (menu File > New). (This will not affect your regular file.) Try to import the transactions into the new file and see what happens. If this works (which it does for me), you can export the file in QXF format, then import it to your existing file. (Make sure the account name is unique.) Disconnect the account in the new file before exporting. 

    If you can import the QXF into your existing file, you can use the drag and drop method to move the transactions to the existing account and delete the newly created account. Again, make a backup first.
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