How do I remove a phantom reminder in my Quicken budget?

My budget is finding an expense reminder which is no longer listed in my reminders list. It is a reminder for a "BB&T" payment, which has been replaced by a reminder for a "Truist" payment (BB&T became Truist a few months back). Somehow, the BB&T reminder shows up in my budget reports, but no longer exists in my reminders list. As a result, the budget (configured to include reminders) double counts this item every month. Strange one, but I'm stymied.


  • Quicken Jade
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    Hello @ddwise, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. Please try validating and repairing your file, here are the steps on how to do that.
    1. Go to File > Validate and Repair File and select the Validate file option. This is to ensure there are no lingering issues with the data in this file.
    Please let me know if this helps!
    -Quicken Jade
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