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BB&T Credit Card charges downloading as payments and payments downloading as charges

My bank, BB&T is in the process of merging with Suntrust and becoming Truist Bank. I am having trouble downloading my credit card transactions into Quicken. When I download them the Credit Card Charges show up as Payments and the Payments I have made are showing up as Charges. I am downloading from the bank website. This started about a month ago. I waited several weeks to try again and the same thing and then I tried again today and the same. My downloading into my Checking and Savings Accounts are fine. Has anyone had this problem or have any suggestions?


  • My BB&T card(now Truist) started doing the same thing about a week ago. I have to manually change the transactions each day.
  • DBWhitley
    DBWhitley Member
    Same thing is happening to me.
  • Pinevegas
    Pinevegas Member
    This started for me two weeks ago - VERY FRUSTRATING! Is there a solution?
  • Barbara207
    Barbara207 Member
    STILL happening to me! any solution yet??