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Hi there,

Since switching over to my new Macbook Pro with the M1Max chip, none of the charts show in Income or Spending in any account. The graphical reports also don't work. As best as I can tell, the application is rendering the HTML for the report (clickable links, data on the screen), but the CSS and JavaScript that is needed for the reports to render and be actionable is not working.

I have tried updating, reinstalling, etc. No change. No luck. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is it something about a background process that's not running?


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    I have not seen any problems with charts and graphics.

    In the last two weeks I used Migration Assistant to go FROM a 7 year old 13" intel MacBook Pro running Mojave TO a shiny new 13" M1 MacBook Pro running Monterey. So my transition is similar to yours.

    I assume you have rebooted?
    Have you tried setting up a dummy Quicken data file with enough data to test for the problem you are seeing?

    You could try setting up a separate Test user account on your laptop, install Quicken there - IN THE LOCAL user Applications directory, not the system applications directory -, and test. Tests could include setting up a dummy Quicken data file with enough data to test for the problem you are seeing. Then test with a copy of your working Quicken Data file.

    If Quicken works in the Test user account, then going back to your regular user account you might consider deinstalling Quicken and ALL its support files. Finish with a fresh install of Quicken.
    Support files - found in the user account Library - appear to be:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Quicken - a folder - Warning: your data file and backups are in here. you may want to just rename this folder.
    ~/Library/Caches/com.quicken.Quicken - a folder
    ~/Library/Saved Application State/com.quicken.Quicken.savedState - a folder

    Final thought: you might want to wait and see if anyone else has thoughts on your issue before acting on my suggestions. I am just winging it here. And, be sure you have good backups.
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    THANK YOU!!! Clearing out the cached data didn't work. But I created a dummy account and everything worked. So I tried exporting my entire account and reimporting it into a new account and everything works again!
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