Schwab adding New Account CC-501

Can help anyone please!
I am unable to add brand new Charles Schwab accounts – Total 5 brand new accounts (2 brokerage and 3 IRA accounts). Using Window 10. Get error CC-501.
- Before trying to add new Schwab accounts – totally disabled and deleted very old (10 years old Schwab accounts that were disabled 10 years ago). These are totally deleted.
- Using quicken version R36.57 – latest
Have tried the following:
- I can access my Schwab accounts on-line and have activated/enabled 3rd party software access on Schwab site
- Deleted 10-year-old INACTIVE (and previously disabled) Schwab accounts
- Logged out of quicken and relogged a few times
- Reinstalled quicken
- Created a brand new Quicken file (blank of any accounts) and tried to add Schwab accounts – succeeded. Leading to conclude that problem is with my existing Quicken file. I need to have Schwab accounts enabled in my existing Quicken file.

- Tried all steps on Quicken support site.
There is a comment in the support section by Quicken Kathryn on 12/14/2021that the issue is resolved - what is the resolution?


  • KSB327
    KSB327 Member
    I am also having trouble with adding Schwab accounts. The only thing I noticed in your post is that you are using version R36.57. There may be a newer version. My version is R37.52. Good luck!