Unable to run a Net Worth Report.

I asked this in the Discussion Posts but didn't get an answer, so I'll try here.

I am unable to run a Net Worth Report. Here is the process I follow that is not working, but has in the past:

On the menu bar, select Reports drop-down, then Net Worth & Balances, then Net Worth.

I then am presented with a 2-second pop-up that says, "Searching transactions", but then no report is generated. The same message results when selecting "Account Balances" under the same menu. Other report types seem to be accessible from the menu. It is only the Net Worth/Account Balances that is not working.

Anyone know of a fix or a work-around to get the report? I see other posts about recent problems with inaccurate data in Net Worth reports, but nothing addressing inability to run a report at all.

I'm on Windows 10 Home and Quicken Premier V. R37.52.


  • MattT
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    Just a suggestion, may or may not work.  Try "Rebuilding Investing Lots" under the Validate and Repair pull-down under File. 

    I had a similar situation just recently (albeit not the first time, but first time in a few years).  My symptoms were that the Net Worth report yielded some astronomical negative number, being generated by one transaction in one investment account; my Account Balances reported several balance errors too.  All that being said, my account balances on the left hand summary page were all correct... so that was a relief.  There was just something amiss in the report generation.  Not quite the same symptoms as you reported, but the fact that your problems are in the Net Worth and Account Balances report generation, same as mine, might be a clue.

    I posted a question about 2 or 3 weeks ago (you might be able to find it somewhere in the Community) and got a lot of responses that said I had a corrupted file, although the Validation report did not indicate such, and that I should go back and open some historical back-up files to see if the problem was present earlier.  I did that a little bit and decided that a corrupted file really wasn't the problem.  On a whim, I ran the Rebuild investing lots repair and it found a few transactions that were problematic and repaired them.  After that, the Net Worth report (and graph that I keep on Home View) and Account Balances report were fine.

    Good luck