Trying to reconcile mismatch in Vanguard Prime Money Market

The prime money market fund got changed and all the funds changed to cash reserve federal. However, my portfolio has both so I ended up with double the amount of funds. How do I merge the two securities. I found out how but this is for MAC and I can't find the option in Windows


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    Hi @eternal224

    I'm not sure how you ended up with "double the amount of funds" (and I also thought that the "conversion" from Vanguard Prime took place several years ago), but in the windows version, you should use the "Mutual Fund Conversion" type of transaction (see Snip below).  You should enter the fund names (Old and New) and the number of shares you received of the new fund as well as the price per share on the conversion date (which, because I believe these are both money market type funds) is likely $1.00 per share.  BTW - the date for the transaction should be the actual date when the conversion took place.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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