Connecting Apple Card as an eBiller

Perry Smith
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This is half question and half information for others.

I am trying to connect my Apple Credit card up as an eBiller. I assumed it would not work but thought I would try anyway. The reason I assume it would not work is because Quicken can't download statements directly and so I assume Apple had various reasons for "added security" etc.

When I connected it, it tried briefly and then said it was "Pending". Ok. I closed quicken and --- FORGOT about it. Opps!!

Some time later I get an alert on my iPhone that someone in Oregon just tried to log into my account and if it wasn't me, I should change my password. So I changed my password. (I'm in Texas)

Today, I'm doodling in Quicken, checkin things, etc and notice the Pending thing and it says that it doesn't have the correct password. Dahh!! So I restarted the connecting process -- gave it the password and it is now back in the Pending state.

If I get another alert from Apple with someone in Oregon, I think I will just let it go. My password is very strong. But I'm hoping someone here can confirm or deny that Quicken's servers are in Oregon.


  • Perry Smith
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    An update: I just now again received a login to my account from Oregon. I said "Allow" but then it pops up the code that the user needs to type in but I have no way to get it to them. It seems this is going to be a general problem for any site that uses multi factor authentication -- which is becoming fairly ubiquitous. I removed the request and will continue to just monitor when to pay the card by hand.
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    +1 to this. Really wish someone from Quicken would respond here...
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