UBS Issue

When updating from, the full value from UBS does not show in Quicken. Any suggestions?


  • Frankx
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    Hi @dickhall1954,

    Can you give us some additional information, since that will help us to understand your issue(s)?  Here are some things that should help:

    • Is this a new connection with USB that you've just started, or is this an account that you've been downloading for some time and this new "Issue" just started?
    • Is this happening only in the USB account or does it affect downloads from other financial institutions? 
    • What connection method(s) are you using to download transactions from this/these accounts?
    • When you refer to "full value" - is the issue related to the "security prices", the "number of shares held", or something else - such as one or more securities are missing, the securities shown are new to your account, or different than the investments you actually hold, etc., etc.?
    • Which versions/releases of both Quicken and Windows are you running?
    Any additional information will help us to help you.


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  • dickhall1954
    I have had the USB accounts for several years. About 18 months ago, the download to Quicken was not accurate, so I just used the USB website to get info. Recently, I tried again. As part of help, UBS had me aggregate my account on UBS website, and I had to provide my Quicken user name and password too. I tried again with no luck. I contacted UBS and was told that they messaged Quicken and Quicken said it was a known Quicken problem, with estimated solution by 3:00 PM ET. 12/31/21. Tried again at 5:15 PM ET with no better luck. By then Quicken was closed for the holiday.