Resolving Recent ETRADE Issues

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It seems as if with the Morgan Stanley transfer, Quicken backend data for Etrade (Bank) accounts hasn't been updated. I find I can't download any new transactions since ~ Dec 1, 2021. I tried downloading .qfx files from Etrade to import the transactions, but those imports, too, failed. I found a very hacky solution for those looking to get recent transactions into Quicken before they update the backend to work with this new Morgan Stanley entity:

(Obviously, back up your quicken file before doing any of this)

- "disconnect" all your etrade bank accounts in quicken (Right click on account name > Edit Settings > Downloads > Disconnect)
- download the QFX files for each bank account from Etrade
- Using a text editor, change the following lines:


You should now be able to import that QFX file and "link" it to the appropriate disconnected Etrade account in your quicken account. (If you don't disconnect the account, you can't choose it to link.)

This drove me nuts for the last few days. Hope this helps out anyone looking to import bank data as they prep for 2021 taxes. Hopefully Quicken will address this issue soon, in an update.


  • Brauhaus
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    This worked for me -- but really seems like something that Quicken should be fixing, and not end users having to hand edit a .QFX file.
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