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Quicken update happened using a different method than normal

I had an update show up last week (last week in Dec) on my screen when starting quicken that went straight to the update and had a different method/sequence than normal. It said it was to fix "in some circumstances, newly-entered register transactions didn't display". I did not catch the rev number.

So today I get another update message via the normal update method with the same change title with another change for crash when working with properties. R37.66. It installed fine.

I checked the change log and the most recent update shows up, but the first one (frem Dec) does not.

Is something wrong? Do I need to worry about a rogue update?



  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    No worries, R37.65 was delivered thru an Alert pop-up window containing a link to the update. It was a non-traditional way of delivering the patch, but it was legitimately from Quicken.