Quicken Bill Manager -- Failure to Automatically Change Status to "Paid" -- A Solution Found!!

Twice since starting to use the Quicken Bill Manager (since its inception), my two checking accounts were suddenly marked as "Not Validated". This time, I was able to re-validate one of the accounts, but I couldn't validate the other one because Quicken said that I had to wait until all outstanding payments were completed.

There were five such payments, two showing "Scheduled" as the status and three showing "Processing" as the status.

However, all five transactions had already cleared that checking account. The Quicken Bill Manager had failed to change the status to "Paid".

I searched for a solution; called Quicken Premium Support; got nowhere.

Then an idea struck me -- could I simply overwrite the status as "Paid"? In fact, I could.

When I had changed the status of all five of those transactions to "Paid", I was able to start the validation process for that checking account.

Hope this helps someone.
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