Trouble connecting TD Ameritrade account to Quicken

We have an account called SMI Advisor Client which uses TD Ameritrade for the transactions.

Quicken does not recognize my username and password. Therefore, I cannot link the account to Quicken for tracking.

Will you please offer some suggestions?

I have been on hold waiting for technical support for over 1/2 hour. Maybe that is normal.


  • demille1
    demille1 Member
    I'm having the same issue, were you able to find a solution?
  • It took a while to get to support - you want their technology department. Then it was pretty simple to get them to 'enable' your account for Quicken. You do need a PIN which you might need to get before you talk to tech support but maybe they can set that up for you. In Quicken you will use your TD account number as the username and the PIN as the password. BUT...I could not get it to work with the normal 'complete' investing setup on 'online services' as I did with my original financial account (which was transferred to TD). I had to change the account to 'simple' which does not show the transactions, only the positions and values. So better than nothing, but not the same has I had.
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