Accounts Messed Up After Latest Update (6.5.1) [Edited]

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After hours of manual reconciling, I've gotten into the routine of backing up before each upgrade.

[Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines] After the 6.5.1 update my bank that has multiple account types, checking, savings, loans was messed up. Naturally went to restore a backup and try again. The first thing I noticed was a message now saying that the file type is older and not associated with a cloud account. I must create a new cloud account to continue (and connect to online services, transactions, downloads, etc). That messed up the accounts even further! Called into support, spent 50+ minutes with a rep, just to get a "ref number" and no resolution.

After a few days [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines], I came up with the least painful solution. NB this starts from a backup, the older the backup the more "new transactions" you will need to download from your institutions. [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines]

1. Restore backup.
2. Go to Preferences-> Connected Services.
3. When prompted, create the new cloud connection, BUT stop it immediately afterward.
This will create a new empty cloud file to be loaded next.
4. Go to settings of all your problematic accounts (or all if you're up to it). Settings-
>Downloads->Disconnect. This will prevent the automatic downloading of repeat
5. Update all accounts. This should bring up the status window and "Reconnect" on all or
most accounts.

This should restore you to a clean state with the backup data as a starting point. However, I had to go one step further for my final cleanup. In my case, I have another computer to work with. I copied the backup file to the second computer and restored it there. That gave me access to clean history that was not available online from my banks and credit card companies.

One other way I came across if you are somehow able to get there, is if you have a clean set of data, go to Pref->Connected Services and choose the "Reset" button. That will push your clean data from your local machine to the cloud.

Hopefully, this saves someone valuable hours of their lives. [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines]

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