Continuing investment balancing saga

Tony Dalia
Tony Dalia Member ✭✭✭
So everything was purring like a kitten until American Funds entered a $10 account maintenance fee. On one set of IRAs I made an entry of misc expense>fees and charges>service fee and it balanced fine. On the other set I went to do the same thing, but could not find a misc expense category and every time I tried it sent the account $10000 to the negative, so here I am out of balance and for 3 downloads nothing has changed. I believe they will be doing an RMD soon, so maybe that will trigger a balance, but for now I cannot get out of this imbalance.
Quicken for Mac 6.5.1


  • Tony Dalia
    Tony Dalia Member ✭✭✭
    Since not much activity happens in these funds. I deleted and re-added the account and fortunately it balanced. However, my financial advisor did a number of transactions this week and they show but they do not update the fund balance. They just sit as entries in each fund. I do not think Quicken and American Funds have the ability to transfer within funds. To add insult to injury these are from IRA funds to non IRA funds.
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