Cannot Add Schwab Accounts - Error CC-501 - Quicken says "fixed" but it is not.

hitejp Member
I'm running version R36.56, Build
I've not had Schwab accounts in the past but now I do. I cannot add the one account that I need to add. I get the CC-501 error.
This has been happening for several months.
I've read every thread in Quicken support on this issue that I can find. I've tried the fixes suggested. I keep seeing Quicken respond that the issue is "fixed" but it isn't working for me and I see more than a few other people don't have a resolution either.


  • MichaelCortese
    MichaelCortese Member ✭✭✭
    I still cannot add Schwab account after resetting cloud data. I never even get the Schwab login box. I get CC-501 error after entering my login info in Quicken and pressing "Connect".
  • rewilson
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    I'm also having the same problem (H&B R37.66, Windows 11). Brand new schwab brokerage account and unable to set up on-line access, getting the CC-501 error. I've also tried everything i can find to fix it, without luck. Note that I have NEVER had a Schwab account in my data file prior to this (so none, hidden or not, to deactivate). Specifics:

    Using my normal Quicken data file with many years of transactions in it, I select Tools>Add Account. I type schw in the search box and get a list. "Schwab Retirement Plan Services" is the only one listed as "Best results" but "Charles Schwab & Co., Inc." is included in the "Other results" list. I select "Charles Schwab & Co., Inc." I then select "Complete Investing" and click next. I briefly get a "Connecting with..." message and am then asked for my userID and password. This is the standard Quicken request for ID/password, NOT the Schwab account verification screen. I enter my ID and password and after a brief "Looking for your accounts..." message, I get the "Oops. We're having a problem. CC-501" error.

    If instead of the above, I create a new Quicken file and select Tools->Add account I get a different outcome. I again type "schw" into the search box. This time, both "Schwab Retirement Plan Services" and "Charles Schwab & Co., Inc." are listed under "Best results." I select "Charles Schwab & Co., Inc." and am taken to a Schwab login screen to verify my account. I enter my information as requested and the account is found and created properly in quicken. All transactions download properly.

    Therefore, it works as it should with a new file, but will not work with my proper file. Hopefully, this gives a clue as to what needs to be done. BTW, I have already validated my file several times!

    Thanks for any assistance.
  • Yellowcat
    Yellowcat Member
    frustrating as we moved investment accounts to Schwab with new adviser and cannot add the accounts. I can add as above by creating a new file as above, but not into my regular one. don't know why this problem cannot be solved. called support they wanted me to export to a QIF file and then import, but that thing was so messed up that i would never be able to sort it out as I have files starting in 1997. tried exporting to a QFX file and Quicken shut down with an error. looks like I will have to keep trying. would love to just export the accounts from the test file into regular file but does not look as if I can do that.
  • gnunley
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    got cc-501 error last monthwork3 days with quicken techs three different ticket number. finally got it working 12-22-21.
    12-30-2022 started getting cc-501. 2-2-2022 still getting it
    time look for a new tracking system one not made by quicken.
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