Download setup won't link to existing account

The new protocols require me to reestablish download methods for most accounts.
I've been downloading successfully from a chase credit card to Quicken for years.
When I try to reestablish the link: tools, account list, edit, online services, set up. I log onto chase and get to a window that finds my account. BUt the right hand field does not give option to "link to existing quicken account" . It only says "dont add to quicken".
This could mean don't add a new account to quicken, just add the link(?). But I click next and nothing happens: no link established. I'm not given the usual option to "link to existing account. I checked the account number: its correct.


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    Hi @barrymilliken

    That message "Don't add to Quicken" means that your datafile already has that particular account set-up in Quicken for downloads.  You need to find that account and then deactivate the account.  You should look for all accounts that are associated with that financial institution.  I suggest that you go to "Tools" > "Account List" and  then click the "Show hidden accounts" checkbox on the lower left-hand side at the bottom of the window.  Then go through your accounts one by one.  When you locate the account in that window - click on the "Edit" button > select the "Online Services" tab and click the "Deactivate" button.

    Let ma know how that goes.


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