Updates and automatic data file backup - where did it go?

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Good afternoon everyone. Whenever I install a Quicken Deluxe update, I always do a complete manual backup first. I save the data file locally.

Then I run the update and once the update has completed there is a little message at the bottom of the status box which states "Your data file was automatically backed up". And this is what my question is all about.

Where is the location of this automatically backed up data file? Is it local or somewhere out on the internet?

I may have more questions regarding my data file, but I need to find the answer as to its location first.

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    By default it's in a folder called BACKUP that's a sub-folder of your Quicken data file folder. It can be changed using Edit --> Preferences.
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    Greg, thank you for the quick answer. I was on hold when I typed my question and right after I clicked "Post Comment" tech support came on the line. :)

    The tech talked me through to the Preferences/Backup screen which is a good starting point, but which also brought up more questions.

    Anyway, neither of the boxes were checked for "Automatic backups" or "Manual backup reminder". So I checked the "Automatic backups" box (which turns out that I didn't need to) and selected the "Open" option. It directed me to a Backup folder on my C: that is not located anywhere near my Quicken files and folders. At least it does point to the location of where the Update data file might be located. I say "might" because I need to look into this further. It shows 2 backup files for January, 5 for December and 7 for November which is odd because I do not have the "Automatic backups" box checked and plus there is no Quicken Update data file from when I installed the updates earlier today. Btw, when I manually do a backup, they are directed to a flash drive and that path is assigned under File/Copy or Backup File/...

    So I am going to look further into this and see if I can get some more answers regarding why I am getting all these backed up data files, or why they are missing when imho they shouldn't be missing.

    At least it appears that my data files are being stored locally which is what started this whole goose chase. The Quicken tech did say that no data files are stored on Quicken servers.

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    Any backup that has a date with AM or PM (QData-2021-12-28.AM06.30.QDF-backup) is an automatic backup. Backups with R-XX.XX-YYYY-MM-DD (QData-R-37.65-2022-01-03.QDF-backup) are automatic backups when Quicken is upgraded with a new release.
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