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For years, control-tab would cycle through the open windows (dates back to early Quicken when there were tabs for each register - much like with browsers). The tabs got removed during a UI update but control-tab would still work. Then in an update like Oct/Nov 2021 control-tab change to just toggle between the last two used windows rather than cycle through. Was this an intentional change? If not, please bring back the old behavior. If so, please provide an explanation of why the change and and alternate method to cycle through. Thanks.


  • lellis1936
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    I have found that CTRL-TAB will cycle between the most recently-accessed two accounts. VERY handy but I can't find CTRL-TAB behavior documented anywhere. I am on the latest build of Quicken Deluxe (R38.29). I imagine Quicken has behaved this way for many years but have no way to verify it.
  • Darren@
    Darren@ Member, Windows Beta Beta
    Control-tab is a standard Windows way to cycle between open windows in an application (try it in your browser with multiple tabs open). Similar to how alt-tab cycles between applications. And it used to cycle through all open registers, etc. But now it just toggles back and forth between the last two registers, regardless of home many I have open,

    But I did find that control-shift-tab will cycle through all the open tabs (however the standard behavior for that is to cycle backwards through all open windows in an application - similar to how alt-shift-tab cycles backwards through applications).

    So something changed a few updates ago and has made for non-standard behavior...
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