Truist Access Credit Line allows no transaction entries

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After updating to Truist, Credit Line no longer shows me a transaction list or offers me a way to adjust interest and principal payments. Any thoughts.


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    Something somehow changed your LOC account to a Mortgage (Loan) account. Loans, once the balance reaches $0.00 are considered paid off and cannot be reused. If you can, deactivate the account from downloading.
    Create a manual ("Offline") Credit card account to replace the loan account. Try to LINK it to the Credit Line account at the bank. If this process doesn't work, maintain the account offline and enter all transactions by hand.
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    The same thing happened to me, my lOC account was converted by Truist to be a "Loan" type account. I deactivated and deleted the Truist account and I set up the account as an offline credit card account. I do a manual update of my account (which is fine with me). However, I now get the following error message whenever I update my account:

    "It appears one or more account(s) at Truist Bank have been deleted. This could happen if you have restored from a backup file. You must add the account(s) to Quicken again."

    The error message is aggravating, but at least I can add transactions to the LOC account. I hope that someone is working with Truist to resolve these issues.
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