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This has been going on for over a year. I have a reoccurring Paycheck set up with Gross Pay, deductions and net pay. After awhile the detail disappears. The split categories are still there, just no data. The net amount is correct and apparently the data is still there as I still see the totals in the budget. I've tried deleting the bad Paycheck and reentering; but sometime later the detail disappears. I've spent HOURS on the phone with MANY technicians. No solutions. I've been told to go to an old backup before the error, but some missing Paycheck data goes back 6 months! How do you recreate 6 months of data. THIS PROBLEM HAS EXISTED FOR A LONG TIME AND QUICKEN HAS FAILED TO FIX. In November I started a new Quicken account. All accounts set up with Nov 1 start date. I have multiple bank, cc, investment, and asset accounts. It took hours and weeks to recreate. It didn't take 3 months for the issue to return. The latest advise from a chat was to have a tech call me, in 3 weeks at 9a; 10a; or 1p. Really, the soonest available tech is 3 weeks? And they are only available to call me during business hours?

I see one suggestion to turn off the cloud sync. I will try that. During 10+ calls and/or chats, no Quicken Tech has suggested that may be the cause. Usually, I get a response that I seem to be the only person experiencing this issue.

If Quicken didn't have a monopoly I would switch tomorrow and I've used Quicken since v1. I'm considering an excel spreadsheet as a better alternative. At least I would spend hours trying to fix a bug in Quicken.


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    You are not the only one having this issue. All paycheck entries were fine yesterday. Now all are blank today. On top of that, I found many entries in various registries that were not there yesterday, as well as some intern banking transfers that were no longer correct.

    I believe you are on to something with the cloud sync being the issue. I noticed earlier today that the cloud sync took 3-4 x's longer to complete than normal. Shortly afterward is when I noticed the errors. Checking a backup from three days ago, none of the issues I noted above are found in the restored backup file.

    I attempted to call support for assistance. Noticing the hour wait time I decided to get on a chat. From the Support page, when you select to Call or to Chat, nothing happens. If you select either to open in a new tab or new window, they open to the Support page. But if you select Community, you are directed to the community page. It seems that there is a widespread issue and minimizing the ability to get support.
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    I have the same problem, Cloud sync sucks and I would advise anyone to turn that off and just make back ups of your data. QUICKEN TECHS: PLEASE correct this issue ASAP.
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    Quicken - drop the cloud sync and just allow an option to keep file in the cloud! Much simpler solution. Cloud sync is complex and doesn't store all data so it will always lead to issues!
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