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There is some good...and than there is some Bad....

I always Use the End Of year Option to achive my Prior Year data File and start a new data File with transactions 1/1/XXXX.  

The Good; for years I have been suggesting that when an Achive File is created, that file/all Online de-activated.  This is the 1st time I have seen the warning when creating an Achive File that it will be De-activated.  In past years there have been times I did not realize I had the Achived file open and ran a OSU that of course was updating an inactive year file.

The Bad....I used the BILL & ONCOME Feature to remind me of Bills Due.  So when I opened the de-activated file there were all the Bills Reminder displayed....for the current year.  So although the Achived Data File is De-Activated....this Reminder feature just keeps on going and going...I guess forever.

I could go in and delete each entry...which may be the what I will need to do...I could just let it keep going and in years to come when I open an Achived file I will see Many reminders....

Is there an easier way to delete these Bills & Income reminders in the achived data file without having to delete each one...individually?


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    Hi @denmarfl,

    As far as I know, those bill & income reminders need to be deleted individually by entity (i.e. - by payee or income source).  But you only need to do it once for each (payee or income source) since you have the option to select "Delete this instance and all future instances".

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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