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Downloading transactions from Bank of America with two logon ids and joint and separate accounts

Leonard S
Leonard S Member
My wife and I have many joint accounts and a few separate accounts with Bank of America. Quicken for the Mac allows me to specify the logonid and password for each account, however it has changed the logon id for some of the accounts on one occasion and on other occasions has failed to download the transactions associated with one of the logons. Quicken support technician has told me that joint accounts are not supported. I am speculating that when Quicken sees multiple accounts when using a logon id, that it tries to download using the logon id that is being used in the moment and updates the account to use the logonid that is observed to be working. I don't know how to speculate about the processing that results in the error that is reported with the second logon id. Until the software deficiency is remedied, I will set the one account to be updated manually and avoid the conflict.


  • Try this. Link your login to specific BofA accounts (keep track of the ones being downloaded with your ID). Then, link the other accounts with your wife's ID. When Quicken asks you to link accounts, you can select "ignore account or don't add account" so you don't step on accounts linked to your ID.

    My wife and I have the same situation. Using my ID I can see all our accounts except my wife's IRA. Using her ID I can see all accounts except my IRA. (Joint vs Individual accounts)

    If you have already set up your accounts this way, then ignore my response. Just trying to help.
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