Zillow property search doesn't find my house

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The Zillow integration in Quicken doesn't find my property address. It previously had worked, but due to some data file issues, the Zestimate integration was unlinked. Now that everything is working again in my file, I wanted to re-enable Zillow integration. The problem is that whenever I search for my property address, all Zillow returns is the city, state, and zip code, not the house address. This means that Zestimate integration won't work.

Is there a known issue with Quicken's Zillow integration not finding properties successfully? When I go to zillow.com, I can enter the exact same address and find my property, complete with a Zestimate.

I've been trying to add the property for over a month without any luck, so it seems like there has to be a bug somewhere in Quicken's API integration with Zillow, at least for SOME addresses.

I should also mention I've tried adding a new asset account to make sure it's not an issue with the account (it's not). I've even tried creating a completely new Quicken data file, adding a house account, and tried linking to Zillow. The Quicken-Zillow integration just never finds my property, so this is NOT a data file integrity/validation issue. It's a repeatable issue with 100% reproducibility for my address.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!


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    I have recently set up a new Quicken file and I have the exact same problem.

    If I go to Zillow, there is no problem in finding my property. It's just that the integration with Quicken appears to have problems.
  • im also having this problem with my address and i did all the same things brianlenz did and getting all his same results.

    I looked at other forums on this issue and apparently this has been going on for at least a year or longer. This is a bit disappointing that a software we pay a subscription on continues to be broken in this regard after a year of it being reported
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    Problem is a year old. Sorry to say but don't hold your breath. Quicken does not fix every bug. Not enough people effected by this bug for Quicken to prioritize. Zillow update should be removed as an advertised feature, like I suggested a year ago.
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    @David7172 it worked for me within the last year, so I'm not entirely sure that's true. Regardless, I'm definitely not holding my breath 🤪 Quicken has terrible customer support when you consider how much we pay them annually for the software. If there were a comparable/better option that I could take my data to, I'd probably do it in a heartbeat, but unfortunately I've not seen it yet.
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