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Ken W.
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I check my Quicken 6.4.4 accounts once each morning. For quite some time each day that I download transactions I receive the following for my Ecusta Credit Union Brevard, NC accounts: "Download Error (-32) CP_ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUND" with the option to "Fix it". When I perform the necessary steps to Set Up the two accounts, the download proceeds successfully. However, when I log in the next day I receive the same error message and successfully perform the "Fix it" procedure. How can I resolve this problem? [Using Mac OS 10.15.7]


  • lhossus
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    You could try updating to the latest version of Quicken for Mac (v6.5.1).

    In my case, I am running Quicken v6.4.5  AND  Quicken v6.5.1. Only in the older v6.4.5 do I get the error CP_ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUND.

    Of course, this may not help, so don't get your hopes up. And my account is at a bank different than yours.
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