R37.66 Broke Bills & Income updating. When will it be fixed?

Mark Fertig
Mark Fertig Member ✭✭
I updated all of my Bills (well, the ones that are Quicken-compatible, that is) in Bills & Income last week without issue. On 1/7, I was prompted to install a Quicken update. I allowed the update (to R37.66) and relaunched Quicken.

My first attempt to update Bills worked, except for my Wells Fargo accounts. Tried to "Update all" again, and Quicken crashed.

Relaunched Quicken, in Bills & Income I selected a Wells Fargo biller, and selected Refresh Bill. Got a progress spinner for a while and was told that my biller had been added but the bill was not ready, and to try again later.

20 minutes later, I tried to "Update all" again, and Quicken crashed.

Relaunched Quicken, tried to "Update all" again, there was no change in my bills, the Wells Fargo accounts still will not update. A few minutes later, I tried to "Update all" again, and Quicken crashed.

Noticed a pattern, which is absolutely repeatable without fail. If I launch Quicken, I can update Bills (not all, of course) once. If I update a second time, Quicken crashes.

Any idea when this will be fixed?
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  • Kenneth C Seufer
    My Quicken crashes when I try to update from Wells Fargo also since the new Quicken update. R37.66
    Any fixes?
  • foscooter
    foscooter Member
    I am having the same issue with 37.67! When trying to pay a bill, especially enter my paycheck from Bills & Income, quicken just circles/freezes. I can’t find out how to install a older version, as it updates during installation, and won’t install if I disconnect the internet. This is VERY frustrating!
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