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What has happened to Check Pay?

DavidOwen Member
It used to be that, when I opened Quicken and clicked on Bills & Income, I would see all my Check Pay payees and, for each one, the date and amount of my most recent payment. Now all that is gone--I think maybe since Jan. 1, or thereabouts? After two frustrating [Removed  Disruptive] online chats with Technical Support, I decided that I would just have to enter my payees again. So I entered one and, as soon as I'd clicked OK, it disappeared. [Removed - Profanity]


  • stevefitz
    stevefitz Member
    'm running into the exact same problem after an update.
  • DavidOwen
    DavidOwen Member
    On my fourth try (two online chats, two phone calls, over four days), I finally got a Quicken tech (in Guatemala) who knew what he was talking about and painlessly showed me how to fix my problem. What had happened, he said, was that Quicken's connection with my bank had been ended, probably by the bank, probably during the holiday crush, and I needed to reestablish it by setting up Bill Pay & Check Pay again.
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