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Download Problem

My computer is running Windows 10.
My Quicken version is R37.66, Build:

I am managing Checking/Savings accounts for my self and another person. The other person and I both use the same bank. I am using two (2) different Data Files for each of us.

When downloading transactions for each of us, the other person's info comes in just fine. However, my info for my accounts comes in sporadically. This means the problem is likely to do with one of my settings somewhere in my data file. However, I cannot easily find it.

For about two (2) months, I have not been able to download either spending transactions or transfers into the Quicken desktop register. However, Quicken has managed to download automatic monthly deposits (setup as a Paycheck) into my account. Also, the transactions that HAVE NOT shown up in my Quicken desktop register, HAVE shown up in my Quicken on the Web register.

I could enter transactions by hand, thus bringing my Quicken desktop accounts up to date. However, I would like to be able to return to full functionality of "download and automatically enter in register".

My life experiences suggest to me that I have changed one little setting somewhere and caused done this to myself. Fortunately, the other person's data file is operating just fine. Any suggestions are quite welcome.

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    In my Quicken desktop, I went to Preferences/Mobile & Web/Troubleshooting: Reset your cloud data. This erased my cloud data, but not my desktop data and appears to have resolved my register problem in the desktop app.

    Now I have two months of data to reconcile, but at least I now have the data to work with. I still don't know what happened in the first place, but now I can work.

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