More trouble than it's worth?

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Since November, I'm spending more time dealing with Quicken software issues (currently R37.66 build each time I use it than I would normally spend using the software in 6 months. An upgrade corrupted my file (something after R36.38), forcing me to use a backup and (try) to re-reconcile accounts. After 2+ months without success (beyond manually downloading transactions), I'm wondering if it's more trouble than it's worth?
1. I cannot deactivate, reset or download credit card transactions with Citi. I was able to reconnect 10-15 other accounts, but cannot do this one.
2. I get strange errors when syncing with / cloud service - each time a different transaction in a blank account shows as an error. "The desktop transaction in "" on "10/21/2021" for $-x.xx was not synced. Parameter accountId must be specified for this request.

After 27 years, I'm almost ready to start calling it "Madden" and move on to something that is less trouble than it's worth. :(


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    Looks like these are (somewhat) known issues. I used the advice from another long-time user (thanks, @MSC) to resolve the Citi connection issue (logging out of the Quicken ID account), which enabled me deactivate and reconnect the Citi accounts. Looks like the strange errors are related to the Schwab fiasco (and even the Citi connection is related to that, too), so I disabled online connections to Schwab (it hasn't connected since November, and I use better tools for investment management). Maybe I'll retry the Schwab connection at some point - after a month or two of hopefully stable connections with other accounts...
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