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Hi - I could use some help. I recently received a notice that I needed to reauthorize my Capital One accounts. When I tried, I received another message that stated only some of accounts could be found. I then could no longer connect, receiving the CC-501 error. I've since deactivated all downloads, but now I can't connect at all to Capital One accounts. What steps do I need to take to restore access?


  • Hello @Dr. Enfuego,

    Thank you for choosing the Community for your Quicken questions, although I apologize that you are experiencing this issue with Capital One.

    This is actually a known issue and there is currently an Open Alert for this. You can use the link provided for some troubleshooting steps. To stay up to date on the issue you can bookmark the alert as well. 

    Thank you!

    Quicken Alyssa

  • cc011637
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    I was able to connect to Capital One Credit Cards through November, but that stopped in December. Talked to their Tech Support line today was unable to answer. I keep getting into a loop asking for logon info, but Cap One uses two factor authentication. I am generally getting peeved that I pay for 3rd party services like Quicken and LifeLock, but it seems that one side or the other changes policies and fin services won't play nice. I may as well just start entering everything manually while I keep waiting for a solution to the Cap One, Citibank (Home Depot and Meijers) issues.
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